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Rising Stars Vocal Showcase Registration Form

  1. Please list all performers' names and ages

  2. (For example: rock, pop, classic, country, jazz, etc.)


  4. Event Guidelines

    * Absolutely no inappropriate language, actions, or clothing permitted in the performance.
    * A valid proof of age may be required for participation.
    * Performers perform at each event for free; all spectators must pay the $3 per person admission
    * Photographs may be taken of Carrboro Recreation & Parks Department programs and participants and used for Town of Carrboro promotional purposes.

  5. Rules Acknowledgement*

    By checking this box, I (and my group) agree to the above event guidelines.

  6. Form Submission

    Printed forms may be returned to:
    Galen Poythress
    Carrboro Recreation & Parks
    Mail: 100 N. Greensboro St., Carrboro, NC 27510
    Fax: 919-918-4475

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