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to serve the needs of town departments and citizens for spatial infomation and analysis.

To contact the GIS office:
Telephone: 919-918-7328
FAX: 919-918-4454
Email: rheaton@ci.carrboro.nc.us
Location: Town Hall, 301 W. Main St., 27510

  Carrboro GIS
mobile Find an Address Where is an address? Who owns the property? What jurisdiction is it in?
mobile Parcel Dimensions Where are my property boundaries? Zoom in for the measurements (dimensions) of property boundaries, as text.
mobile Floodplain Is my property in a floodplain?
mobile Zoning What zone is a property in and what does that mean?
mobile Active Developments What is going on with active developments in Carrboro?
mobile City Schools (Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools) What schools am I assigned?
mobile Trash Pickup When is my trash picked up?
mobile Downtown Parking Where and when can I park for free in downtown Carrboro?
mobile VotingWhere do I vote?
mobile Carrboro Demographics Who lives here (according to the 2010 Census)?
  Data Download Can I get GIS data to use in my own mapping?
 Maps to Print Can I just print a paper map?

If there is information that you would like to see on this site, please contact us.

Please Read

The Town of Carrboro makes no warranty expressed or implied as to the correctness or accuracy of the data displayed on this site.

Town of Carrboro and Orange County regulations, definitions, and ordinances take precedence over any information presented in the GIS data on this site. No information presented here has the same authority as or in any way replaces a survey, and the locations of features such as streams, stream buffers, property lines, building footprints, rights of way, or any other feature are generalized and to be used for planning and information purposes only.

GIS data has been captured at different times, in different scales, and using different projections and measurement systems and will therefore not always overlay accurately. It is the responsibility of the map user to check information with public sources and surveys. In addition, parcel data on this site updated monthly, so it can be up to two months old. Parcel data should be verified with public record sources at Orange County Land Records.

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