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Download Town of Carrboro Digital Data
Topography (.dxf) Download 2-foot contours, in .dxf format, by index tile. These files are zipped.
Orthophotography (.sid) 2008 Orthophotography in MrSid compressed format (.sid), in color, by index tile.
Town-wide data (.shp or .dxf) Town-wide data includes various layers of Carrboro data in shapefile format (.shp) or, in some cases, in .dxf format. These files are zipped.
Instructions for Downloading Data For town-wide data, select Town-wide data , and then pick the dataset you want. Town-wide data is generally in shapefile format.
For tiles (topography or orthophotography), select Topography or Orthophotography for an index of tiles.
Find the area you are interested in in the index using the zoom and pan tools.
Click on the map in the area of interest for a link to the topography or orthophoto data for download.

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