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 Board of Aldermen
Regular meetings on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, work sessions on 2nd Tuesday, and public hearings on 4th Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

Board Communication Objectives:

  • The Board should discuss relevant issues in open meetings even if covered in emails outside of meetings.
  • The Board members will hold each other accountable to maintain an appropriate depth of conversation in their emails. If someone is uncomfortable with the level of communication in an email discussion, they will say so.
  • There will be only one subject per email.
Lydia Lavelle, Mayor
Telephone: 919-918-7310 (Mayor's Office)
Address: 8107 Kit Lane, Chapel Hill, 27516
Elected/Appointed: 11-6-2007 as Alderman / 12-3-2013 as Mayor
Term Expiration: 12/2015

Jacquelyn Gist
Telephone: 919-929-6252 (home)
Address: 206-A Maple Ave., Carrboro 27510
Elected/Appointed: 11-7-89
Term Expiration: 12/2017

Michelle Johnson
Telephone: 919-260-2145
Address: 109 Center Street, Carrboro 27510
Elected/Appointed: 11-8-11
Term Expiration: 12/2015
Sammy Slade
Telephone: 919-951-5200 (home)
Address: 100-E Crest St., Carrboro, NC 27510
Elected/Appointed: 11-10-2009
Term Expiration: 12/2017
Randee Haven-O'Donnell
Telephone: 919-306-2080
Address: 106 Fairfield Ct., Chapel Hill 27516
Elected/Appointed: 11-8-05
Term Expiration: 12/2017
Damon Seils
Telephone: 919-960-5931
Address: 601 Jones Ferry Road Apt. B13 Carrboro, NC 27510
Elected/Appointed: 03/19/2013
Term Expiration: 12/2015
Bethany Chaney
Telephone: 919-360-4346
Address: 217E Hillsborough Road, Carrboro, NC 27510
Elected/Appointed: 05/06/14
Term Expiration: 12/2015
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