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Carrboro WISE Homes & Buildings Program

Program participation eligibility (current):

  • Primary residence is located within Carrboro corporate (city) limits
  • Primary residence is owner-occupied
  • Primary residence is a single-family detached structure

The Town currently has $5000 in funding to subsidize home energy assessments.  This funding will be made available on a first come, first served basis.

WISE residential program participation process:

1. APPLY | Complete a Carrboro WISE Homes and Buildings Homeowner Participation Agreement and submit to the Energy Efficiency Coordinator along with the past 12 months of utility data (both electric and gas). The form may be downloaded below.  The Energy Efficiency Coordinator will notify you of program acceptance.

2. HOME PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT | Schedule a Home Performance Assessment with one of the pre-qualified contractors.

3. SCOPE OF WORK | Based on the information gathered in the Home Performance Assessment, the Contractor will create a scope of work with recommendations for energy efficiency improvements for your home that will provide an estimated 15%+ energy savings. You should receive the scope of work within 15 days of the Home Performance Assessment.

4. ASSESSMENT SUBSIDY | Once you have received the Scope of Work you will submit a Carrboro WISE Homes and Buildings Assessment Subsidy Invoice to the Town of Carrboro, authorizing the Town to pay the Assessment Subsidy to the Contractor.

5. ENERGY EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENTS | Complete a Carrboro WISE Homes and Buildings Intent to Proceed Form provided by your pre-qualified contractor and submit it to the Energy Efficiency Coordinator. The form estimates the subsidy amount, including utility incentives, and informs the Town that you are proceeding with the improvements. Schedule the construction work with the pre-qualified contractor that conducted the Home Performance Assessment or another pre-qualified contractor from the list.

6. QUALITY ASSURANCE (QA) | All projects in the Carrboro WISE Homes and Buildings program are monitored for quality assurance by an independent third party. The QA will verify that the work was completed to industry standards.

7. ENERGY EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENTS SUBSIDY | Complete a Carrboro WISE Homes and Buildings Energy Efficiency Improvement Subsidy Invoice with the help of your contractor and submit it to the Town of Carrboro, authorizing the Town to pay the subsidy to the contractor.
Sign up today!

Click on the link below to download the application form. Applications will not be processed without 12 months of past utility data (e.g., Duke Energy, PSNC, Piedmont Electric, etc.).

Homeowner Participation Form

Please return this form to: Energy Efficiency Coordinator | Planning Department | 301 West Main Street| Carrboro, NC 27510

Homeowner Participation Agreement Forms will be reviewed every Monday. Once the Agreement is approved you will receive an email containing the list of pre-qualified contractors and next steps for program participation.

For instructions on how to create an online account with Duke Energy, please click here.
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