Town Commons

301 West Main Street at Carrboro Town Hall
  • 1.7 acres
  • Pavilion (2 lighted)
  • Band Stand (lighted)
  • Play Equipment
  • Open Space Area
  • Restrooms
The Board approved to amend the Town Commons Reservation Policy to provide a free option for reservations that meet the follow criteria:
  • No electricity used
  • No money is exchanged during the event
  • No public access to Town Hall bathrooms
  • Reservations be limited to no more than 1 time per month by any 1 group
  • Reservations will be subject to the current insurance guidelines
  • The event is open to the public
  • These free events would be available on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Town staff does not work during the event
For more information on insurance requirements, see the main Parks page.

Rental Fees
Pavilion and Open Space Rental Fees:
0 - 4 Hours: free
0 - 4 Hours: $125
4+ Hours - Full Day: $175
Additional fees: $25 if a group is approved to sell goods or services